We are delighted that you have chosen us to host you and experience this beautiful Spice Island. Now, please, kickback and relax, enjoy your holiday and let us take care of all requirements. Below you will find all the information necessary to enhance your holiday and to ensure that it is the one you never forget.

Flight Reconfirmations

We strongly recommend reconfirming all flights, especially during the high and peak season. Spice Travel Agency & Tours Ltd Zanzibar can gladly reconfirm your flight for a small fee. Of course, you may as well contact the Airline companies personally, on the numbers below. To avoid disappointment, please, be warned that it is in our experience, that failure to reconfirm seats could result in the seats being resold by the airlines.

Air Tanzania Corporation +255 24 2230213
Ethiopian Airlines +255 242231526
Coastal Travel Ltd: 
+255 24 2233489/+255 24 2233112
+255 24 2234950
Fly 540: +255 769 540540
Kenya Airways: +255 24 2232041
KLM; Oman Air:

KLM; Oman Air:


Precision Air:

Precision Air:

Qatar Airways:

South African Airways:


ZanAir Ltd:

+255 22 2114726

+255 245311111

+255 24 2234950

+255 22 2124742

+255 24 2234520

+255 22 2198300

+255 22 2117044

+255 22 2118870

+255 24 2233670


Lost Luggage And personal Items

Spice Travel Agency and Tours Ltd Zanzibar cannot be held responsible for any luggage lost or misplaced by the Airlines. Whilst we shall endeavor to help you becoming repatriated with your lost items, it is the responsibility of the airlines to ensure that your luggage reaches you.Spice Travel Agency and Tours Ltd Zanzibar can therefore not collect any luggage from lost property on your behalf, thus in accordance with modern security laws. If your luggage has been mislaid we kindly suggest you contact Zanzibar airport lost luggage at +255 24 2231819. However in case of difficulties we will liaise on your behalf with the airport or airlines.

Spice Travel Agency and Tours Ltd Zanzibar Office Hours and Contact details.

We are located directly at Mpendae area in Western Town District and are open from:

Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 17:30

Saturday: 08:30 – 13:30

Sunday: Office closed

We are reachable during office hours:

Office telephone number: +255-24-2233273;

Mobile: +255-787-638314; +255-683-833444.

Fax number:

We are reachable outside office hours:

Reservations / Operations:

  • +255-777-485861 / +255-787-638314
  • +255-683-833444 / +255-777-410741

Hotel Visit from Spice Travel Agency & Tours or Tour Operator Representative.

The representative meeting you at Zanzibar Airport/Harbor will arrange a day and time to visit you at your hotel/resort, once during your stay. The day prior to your departure Spice Travel Agency and ToursLtd will reconfirm pickup time and flight details to the reception of your hotel/resort by 20:00.

Emergency Contact Information

Whilst we are committed assisting you as much as possible, we do request that calls to the below numbers are restricted to emergencies only outside office hours.

Executive Director – Joseph John Kilangi: +255-683-833444

Managing Manager – Generose Joseph Ngulimi:+255-787-638314


Zanzibar Islands are located 40km off the Tanzania Mainland coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean between 5 and 6 latitude degrees South of Equator and 39.5 and 40 longitude degrees East,and so enjoys a tropical climate. On average the island is bathed with 8 – 9 hours of sunshine daily, a perfect remedy for the winter blues. The long rains, known as Mwaka, arrives in late March and last until late May.

January – March: Hot, dry and sunny with little rainfall.

April – late May / early June: Rainy season, warm with large amount of rainfall.

July – October: Warm, sunny with cold winds.

November –December:
 Short rains in November otherwise hot and sunny

Dos and Don’ts in Zanzibar.

DO not forget to bring an Anti-Broom mosquito spray or Malaria prophylactics, even though the island of Zanzibar is not an endemic zone anymore, Malaria can still be contracted due to numerous movements of peoples between Tanzania mainland and other islands, thus especially during the rainy season.

DO remember to ask permission before taking pictures of people or private houses.

DO remember that during the month of Ramadan (depending on the phases of the moon Oct, Nov or Dec), while Muslims are fasting. It is considered the height of bad manners to eat, smoke or drink on the street or in public places, please refrain to eat, drink or smoke during the day on the street or public places.

DO be careful about walking on the beach or on deserted parts of the island late at night or early in the morning.

DON’T carry valuables on the beach or walk alone.

DON’T forget that Zanzibar is a Moslem society. Although alcohol is freely available on the island, drunken behavior is not regarded with tolerance and is considered offensive by most people.

DON’T walk around stone Town or other towns and villages in Zanzibar dressed in bikinis, miniskirts or similar clothing. Modest dress is requested of all tourists in keeping with the Islamic faith of most of the island’s inhabitants. Women should cover their shoulders and wear trousers or skirts that reach below the knee. Men should not walk without t-shirts.

DON’T go topless on the beaches of Zanzibar. Bikinis and swimwear are acceptable on tourist beaches, but not if there are fishermen or seaweed harvesters nearby.

DON’T buy large shells, turtle shells, or pieces of coral from street or beach vendors. These are mostly taken from endangered reefs and marine species and buying them only encourages the destruction of Zanzibar’s ocean fauna.

DON’T give presents of money to children, as this will encourage begging.

DON’T accept tours or transport from unlicensed ‘Beach Boys’. Their services are illegal, unreliable and not liability insured. You could also be taken to isolated 
places and possibly getting robbed.

As it is illegal and random controls, from the police, take place on various check points of the 
Island of Zanzibar, if controlled and found on an excursion, tour or transfer not from a licensed tour operator, you will be held liable by Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, of having bought an illegal service, and charged with a fine up to 500 USD.

Only use reputable and government recognized Tour Operators and Agencies, please be aware that hotels are not licensed to provide excursions, tours and transfers.

DO report any incidents of intimidation in our office allocated at Mpendae Street area of Western Town District or by call using telephone numbers mentioned below, emails under mentioned, and all over Zanzibar to ZATO (Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators) at marketing@zato.or.tz.

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P. O. BOX 1907, ZANZIBAR – TANZANIA. PHONE/FAX: +255 24 2233273;+255-787-638314: +255-68383344.

EMAIL: info@spicetravelandtours.co.tz:sales@spicetravelandtours.co.tz:reservations@spicetravelandtours.co.tz: