Zanzibar receives more than 120,000 foreign tourists annually since 2006 and these accounts for approximately 15% of GDP. In 2012 Zanzibar earned approximately $50 million in foreign exchange earnings from international tourism. Tourism is one of the principal industries that underpin the Zanzibar economy.

Spice Travel Agency and Tours Ltd is registered company formed to operate a Tour project in Zanzibar.

This project is formed as response to the Government call to Zanzibar and nonZanzibaris to participate in the investment of their money and skills to help the country in its endeavor of revamping the country economy which is in a poor performance.

Government tourism policy, states that the business of tours operation are reserved only for Zanzibaris and foreigners can only provide the expertise knowledge when need.

Spice Travel Agency and Tours Ltd is a local liability established as a result of various observation regarding tourism development in Zanzibar particularly on Hotel sector and developing the concept of the “Tourism for All”.

The number of hotels, Guests House, Tour Companies and other related tourism establishments has tremendously increased but the problem of local management in providing good services to tourists is yet to be solved.

Spice Travel Agency and Tours Ltd will be managed and operated by locals who have alongtime experience in Tourism Business and capable to sustain and provide the high level of services to tourist inn Zanzibar.