(Full day; lunch included)

Starting with Marahubi and Mtoni Palace, which were the Sultan’s two first residences before moving to Bububu to visit the Old Persian bath, the journey will then continue to Mangapwani, the word Mangapwani‖ means Arab Coast,” a direct reference to the Slave Trade, although outlawed by the British in 1845 the trade still flourished for many years afterwards furnishing many entrepreneurs like Nassor Alawi with fantastic profits; it is his chamber (Cave)

that can be seen today, a chamber dug from the soft coral rag as a means to hid his precious commodity from prying English patrol ships. This part of the tour highlights not only the depth of Human misery but also the strength of endurance as these poor souls were trapped against their in horrendous heat and conditions awaiting transfer to foreign parts. Next our path leads us to Mkokotoni Fishing market where we have time to question local fishermen about the numerous species of fish to be found in the turquoise waters and also to enquire into their ancient but highly successful techniques. Then we proceed to Fukuchani Ruins to see one of the Old Portuguese Forts. Finally we learn the techniques for building a Dhow, we will travel to Kidoti to learn how to make the hand made iron nails and then to Nungwi village to see how they lay out and construction those magnificent ancient vessels. To end up the day excursion by a sunset drinks at the famous Cholo Beach Bar in Nungwi.